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Raw Fed Dog Reviews 

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Stevie & Sass's mum

... Kat's very soul is on fire with the desire that everyone should feel empowered to provide a nutritionally sound and whole diet to their dogs...

... Within days, I saw a noticeable increase in my senior dog's mobility and energy levels; within weeks, her confidence in movement around other dogs, general wellness, and resilience and stamina during physical activity has been life-changing...

...Kat provides a judgement-free environment. Add that to an uncanny ability to tell you something you already know in such a way that you leave the consult feeling taught but not 'schooled'....

... Kat ignites a fire for you to feel inspired to look further into the subject yourself, the ongoing support and check-ins, as well as the updates, additions, and adaptability of her service, are the neat little bow that ties it all together...

...I am indebted to Kat for her advice, kindness and passion...

Read the full review here

(It's long, but worth the read)

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Dot's mum

Kat is not only super knowledgeable but also passionate about nutrition and looking at solutions for your much-loved pet.

Our Cocker Spaniel Dotty has had ongoing health issues, and after multiple rounds of treatments at the vet with no solution, we started working with Kat.

Since then, Dotty’s health has improved dramatically. She is in the best physical condition she has ever been, and her symptoms have also reduced considerably.

I greatly appreciate how Kat explained and educated me on the reasons behind each treatment and approach. It’s a fantastic feeling to know you are doing the best for your pet and that Kat is there to support you along the way.

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Odie's mum

Kat came up with a new diet plan for our 4-year-old dog, Odie, to help combat his anxiety. He never used to be excited about dinner time, but now he absolutely wolfs down his raw food meals.


It’s also helping his anxiety, and we can see him becoming a more confident dog. Kat is always super professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.


Alfie's mum

Alfie was a very sick 3-year-old little dog. He would vomit every couple of weeks and have no energy. He had a hard time keeping much of anything down. We have had many vet visits with no answers. All they could do was put him on the worst food that he barely ate and lots of different medication. None of this worked. We were at our wit's end! The poor little chap was constantly sick!

We were lucky enough to meet Kat and found out that she has been studying dog nutrition and is super passionate about it. What a life-changer!!

Kat wrote up a food plan for Alfie and even sent through information and YouTube videos for us to watch. We never knew or had any knowledge of what diet dogs should be on to give them the best life. Vets have always put us on dry food, stating that it had all the nutrients dogs needed! But since talking to Kat, we now know the full extent of what a dog's diet has on its overall well-being.

Alfie has been on a healthy, well-rounded raw diet for the past three months. He is the happiest little dog. He has not been sick at all. No more vomits, no more lethargic puppy. His coat is shiny and soft. He is super excited for meal time, whereas before, he was hardly interested.


Thanks so much, Kat we are forever grateful

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