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Nourish Your Dog Through Customised Nutrition

Initial consultation

Give Your Dog the Gift of Health: Embark on a Wellness Journey Kickstart your dog's path to robust health and wellness with a first-time consultation at The Happy Hound!


Kat, our certified nutritional consultant, is ready to provide tailored dietary guidance, essential wellness tips, and product suggestions for various health concerns. Whether your dog's nutritional needs are straightforward or intricate, we're here to help.

Kat can help you support your dog's nutritional needs for health conditions such as minor skin irritations, digestive issues,  joint pain or stiffness, basic nutritional support and general wellness advice.


And if your dog's condition is a little trickier, involving chronic conditions, our support is customised to assist you in reaching your health objectives. 


Please note: that any chronic conditions must have first had a formal veterinary diagnosis.  

This package involves a 3-hour service plan that includes phone consultation,  email support, and personalised health plans tailored just for your dog! 


Let's work together for your pet's utmost health and happiness.​


Cost: $150

Follow Up Consultation

For pet parents needing long-term, tailored support. Keeping your dog healthy is a journey, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Through our Follow-Up Consultations, we ensure that your furry friend's treatment plan stays on track.


These meetings are your chance to provide us with crucial feedback. Have you noticed any changes in your dog's behavior since we began treatment? Any new questions you've been pondering? We're here to answer them all. But these consultations are more than just check-ins. They're opportunities for us to fine-tune your dog's treatment plan, making sure we're hitting the mark for optimal health.


For our new clients, we suggest booking the first Follow-Up Consultation within 8 weeks of the Initial Consultation. After that, the schedule will depend on your dog's unique health needs and how they respond to treatment. So let's keep the conversation going. Because together, we can ensure your dog lives a healthy, happy life.​


Cost: $75

Fresh Food Mentorship Program

Explore our Mentorship Program for a seamless transition to a fresh food diet for your dog. We provide all the essential guidance and education to enhance your dog's life.

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