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Discover Why Sass & Stevie's Mum

is Shouting our Praises!

Ever asked for a testimonial and ended up with a novel instead?

Happens all the time, right? 
But hey, every pet parent's journey is one-of-a-kind, and sometimes the stories are just too paw-some to keep to ourselves.
So buckle up because we've got an epic pet tale you just HAVE to hear! 

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It has been roughly five months since I first met with Kat to discuss my dog's nutrition. Only a short time (especially in the life of my eldest 9-year-old rescue dog), which makes the meteoric rise in both my dog's health and wellness that much more incredible. Within days, I saw a noticeable increase in my senior dog's mobility and energy levels; within weeks, her confidence in movement around other dogs, general wellness, and resilience and stamina during physical activity have been life-changing. Visibly, she is maintaining a beautiful body score, something that fluctuates with every change of the wind on the old kibble diet, and I am also seeing a great improvement in her skin and coat health. Just today, on our walk, I remarked on how 'happy' she seems in herself. Likewise, my youngest dog is the picture of vitality. As a young whippersnapper, her mobility and energy are high, so it feels incredible to know I'm providing a nutritionally sound diet that supports her growth and maintenance in her formative years, whilst knowing that I am fueling a healthy dog for the long road, not just the now.


Myself as an owner and proud 'dog mum’, I have never felt more empowered and confident in the care I am providing my dogs. Ultimately, what any dog parent wants is to provide a long and happy life for their pets, and for whatever reason, we are sometimes misled, misguided or just miss something. That's where Kat comes in. Kat's very soul is on fire with the desire that everyone should feel empowered to provide a nutritionally sound and whole diet to their dogs. As well as what to feed, you'll learn how much of what and how often, what works with what, where to source it all and ways to work in additional support like supplements, probiotics and prebiotics where required. Kat has an impressive understanding of the inner workings of canine digestion, not only what nutrients they require but how they process and utilise them, too. Furthermore, the unceasing support and guidance have been incredible. Just as Kat assures her own knowledge on the subject doesn't stagnate, she makes sure to keep the momentum going long after her initial consult. For example, my fusspot eldest needed some real work to eat her veggies when we first set out. Kat had a plethora of options to increase palatability that have worked a treat. While Kat ignites a fire for you to feel inspired to look further into the subject yourself, the ongoing support and check-ins, as well as the updates, additions, and adaptability of her service, are the neat little bow that ties it all together. The gift itself, of course, is being healthier hounds all around.


It's more than just her knowledge on the subject, which itself is vast and accrescent; it's her ability to communicate that knowledge in a way that makes it attainable to anyone that is really the USP here. There's a fine line, I think, when your thought process on a subject is being challenged and changed, and you're guided toward a new way of doing something you've always done the old way. Kat provides a judgement-free environment. Add that to an uncanny ability to tell you something you already know in such a way that you leave the consult feeling taught but not 'schooled'. There's an element of pride when we care for our pets, believing wholeheartedly like we do - that we are doing our best. In trying to filter through the jargon available online or unsolicited advice from those around us, our best can be hard to find. It also bears considering that what is best needs to encompass what is best for our dogs as individuals, what is best in regard to our own personal life experience, and what best suits our resources (time, money, access). Kat considers all of these factors and simply helps make your 'best', whatever that best might be - just that little bit 'better'.  


Personally, and before chatting with Kat, my best has always felt like not enough. Five months in, however, I couldn't feel any more proud of my absolute best. The experimentation and variation in my girl's diet brings me a lot of joy, and it's reinforced both my bond with my girls and my sense of stewardship over them. It's impossible to feel inadequate when I feel so sure they are getting the absolute best from me in every sense of the word. I fall asleep every night, knowing I couldn't have done any better for my girls if I tried. You can't quantify that. That feeling is priceless, and I am indebted to Kat for her advice, kindness and passion. Kat, reading this, will immediately want to parry that 'it's all on me' and that she's 'just given me the tools', and that alone defines the beauty of the Healthy Hounds service. 

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