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Combat Canine Allergies and A 'Leaky Gut'

What's 'Leaky Gut' all about?

Have you ever heard of 'Leaky Gut'? It sounds unpleasant, right? It's actually the colloquial term for 'gastrointestinal hyper-permeability'. In layman's terms, it's when the lining of your dog's gut becomes a sieve when it should be a filter.

Picture the gut lining as a fine, single-layered mesh. It's designed to let in the good stuff like vitamins, minerals and water, while keeping out the unwelcome guests like large food particles, toxins and harmful bacteria. But what if this delicate mesh gets damaged and becomes too porous? Then it fails to stop these harmful substances from entering your dog's bloodstream.

Once that happens, your dog's body sees these intruders as a threat and triggers a series of inflammatory reactions. This over-stimulates the immune system and leaves our canine friends more vulnerable to allergies and a cascade of other health issues ranging from digestive problems and skin conditions to chronic ear infections, joint diseases, autoimmune disorders and even behavioural problems.

The connection between leaky gut and a host of health conditions in humans, from coeliac disease and diabetes to arthritis and major depressive disorder, is well-documented. Research reveals that improving gut health can alleviate symptoms and complications of diseases in both humans and animals.

What causes 'Leaky Gut'?

There are countless factors that can make your dog's gut lining more permeable, including overuse of antibiotics. However, the daily choice of food you feed your dog probably has the most significant impact.

Consider this: a typical Western diet, low in fibre and high in sugar, can trigger a leaky gut. This is strikingly similar to what happens when dogs are fed highly processed commercial dog food. Here's why:

Many commercial dog foods contain a laundry list of synthetic preservatives, additives, and colours, all of which can inflame the gut lining.

The high temperatures used in cooking commercial pet foods kill beneficial organisms and enzymes, thereby hampering digestion.

The processing of commercial foods triggers a reaction between proteins and sugars, known as the Maillard reaction, which contributes to chronic inflammation in the gut and subsequent health issues.

Commercial dog foods often contain high levels of inappropriate carbohydrates that dogs aren't designed to eat and digest, promoting a leaky gut.


How can we fight 'Leaky Gut'?

The best defense against leaky gut is a species-appropriate, whole-food diet. This means less processed food high in sugars and synthetic additives. Instead, boost your dog's diet with:

High-quality, bioavailable animal proteins.

Beneficial fats like omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish, eggs, flaxseeds, hempseeds, and chia seeds.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially seasonal ones.

Pre- and probiotics to fortify the gut, support immune function and promote overall health.

 The Raw Food Revolution and Allergies

The real beauty of feeding your dog a species-appropriate raw diet is how it works from the inside out to help restore optimal health. The lack of artificial or synthetic substances in their foods means healthier guts, stronger immune systems, and dogs less susceptible to developing allergies and skin issues in the first place.

If your dog is dealing with a skin or digestive issue, a diet with low allergenic potential is best. Limit potential triggers and give your dog's gut the time it needs to heal and function normally.

Our tailored 'Gut Restore' plan will guide you through the steps required to transition your dog to a species-appropriate diet and crucial support supplements to heal its dogs gut. This informative plan provides the building blocks to put your dogs on the road to recovery. Check out our services today.


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