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Strongest Omega-3 Joint & Mobility Supplement


New Zealand's Green-lipped Mussel is packed with over 30 Essential-fatty acids including Omega 3 EPA, DHA, and ETA. Combined with New Zealand Olive Oil and Vitamin E Oil, it is a very effective joint supplement.


✔ Made & sourced in New Zealand

✔ Premium NZ green lipped mussel oil

✔ 100x more active than fish oil

✔ Contains unique Omega-3 ETA




✔ 30+ Essential Fatty Acids Including Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, ETA & More!)

✔ Traceable & Sustainable - Found in the clean waters of New Zealand.

✔ Antioxidants & Vitamins - Packed with Vitamins and Antioxidants. 

✔Easy-to-feed - Few drops a day into food or snack.


Recommended dose: 

Small dog (5-10kg/11-22lb) - 2 drops

Medium dog (11-25kg/23-55lb) - 4 drops

Large dog (26kg+/56lb+) - 6 drops

(1-2 drops per 5kg of weight)


Contains NO added gluten, egg, dairy, soy, artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives or wheat.

Warning : Although this oil does not have the allergenic protein, it is not recommended for taking it if your dog is allergic to fish or shellfish. 


Shipping only within New Zealand

Green-Lipped Mussel Omega 3 Potent Joint Oil

  • Where do your Green Lipped Mussels come from?

    Our mussels are harvested at several locations around South Island, New Zealand. None of our mussels are imported from other countries.

    How is it different from the powder?

    The oil helps with the joint where as the powder helps with the cartilage around the joints. Taking them together provides a wholesome recovery.

    Are there any side-effects?

    There are no known side-effects of taking Marine Phospholipid Oil, other than in the case of seafood allergies. It is a 100% natural food product.

    What are the benefits?

    Joint Health Support

    • Supports connective tissue and joint mobility. 
    • Naturally helps synovial fluid in joints, and supports ligaments and tendons. 
    • Rich in lipids and fatty acids such as omega-3s

    Cardiovascular Support

    • Helps cardiovascular health and heart health.
    • Omega-3 helps risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
    • Omega-3 helps with blood pressure and heart.

    Brain & Cognitive Support

    DHA in omega-3 supports cognitive ability in the brain.

    Will it interfere with other medication?

    Though we always recommend consulting your vet we can say that unless you are suffering from shellfish allergy it shouldn't affect or interfere with any medication that your dog is taking.

    What is the dosage for my dog?  

    We recommend taking the oil for 6 weeks to see best results. 
    M P Oil last 4-12 weeks (Large-Small) depending on the size of the dog.  


    Administered in the dog's food or on snack or directly into mouth.

    Small 5-10kg/11-12lb  -  2 drops daily.

    Medium 11-25kg/23-55lb  -  4 drops daily.

    Large 26kg+/56lb+  -  6 drops daily.