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Patient Health & Dietary History
Do you consider your dog overweight
Is your dog desexed?
Your dog's activity level
Does your dog have any skin issues?
Does your dog have regular ear infections?
Has your dog had antibiotics in the past two years?
Has your dog been prescribed steroids in the past year?
Does your dog receive annual vaccinations?
Does your dog receive regular flea and worm treatments?
Has your dog ever tried a probiotic supplement?
Does your dog have any dental disease?
Does your dog have any past or present issues with its thyroid, heart, kidneys, liver and cancer
Does your dog suffer from gastrointestinal upset, such diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation, excess gas or flatulence etc
Has your dog ever had issues with its anal glands - have they been expressed by the vet, or does your dog booty scoot along the ground with its bum?
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